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COVID-19 has set the world into a spin like we have never seen before in our lifetime. Economies have been hit drastically, businesses are crumbling and action needs to be taken. This isn’t survival of the fittest, only the adaptable will survive… and here’s how you’re going to do it.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


Three key words made famous by Bear Grylls, former SAS serviceman & survival expert. This is a survival situation after all, but in a business context we adapt these words into our planning, strategy and marketing plans.


Keep these three words in your head while reading the below content.


The current situation

ALL countries have been affected, thus ALL businesses have been affected in some way or another no matter what the size.

Here are the main effects on businesses:

  • Ability of its function

  • Ability of suppliers delivering

  • Ability of customers buying

Import/Export markets have seen a decline in ALL sectors. If your business involves import or export the 80:20 rule should be implemented into your strategy. 80% focus on current markets, with a 20% focus on new markets.


This opens an opportunity for you to engage with, reach out and secure new markets all whilst speaking with current ones. Exploring new markets can be difficult to manage, but during these times it needs to be done. If you’re seeking new markets, we can help develop a clear and rational strategy and plan to help you succeed.


E-Commerce & Digital

A positive to come out of Covid-19 is e-commerce. Online sales have soared in most sectors and it’s no surprise.

Year-Over-Year Growth Rate of Online Transactions

This map illustrates how pure play e-commerce and retailers (online activity) are performing in the last 7 days compared to the same period last year (pre-COVID19 outbreak). For example, the growth rate shown on the map for U.K is calculated in the following way: orders in the last 7 days divided by the orders in the same period last year.


If you haven’t gone digital yet, you may be left in a very vulnerable and dangerous position. You must adapt to the current situation and taking your business digital is key, especially if you are a brick-and-mortar. It’s not too late if you act now!


Statistics show consumers are spending more online and will continue to buy online over the next few months, even though shop doors are re-opening and queues seem longer than ever.


E-commerce can sound intimidating, but don’t stress. It’s simple, affordable and we at Dupree International can help you every step of the way through our variety of strategic development and marketing services.


Brand Loyalty & Trust

brand loyalty

The value of trust has never seen a more important time. Consumers are wary, but wise and will choose brands that are communicating effectively during COVID-19 over others who are not.


You need to communicate your brand efficiently, effectively and truly understand your customer relationship via:

  • Social media
    Engaging with your audience, having an emotive relationship, being active and having fast responses.

  • Users’ e-commerce journey
    Does it flow well, do you look secure, is payment simple?

  • Your website, aka shop window
    Is it easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and feel legitimate?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    Are you targeting keywords in your content and utilising all the tools to find and acquire your audiences from Google, Bing and other search engine searches?

  • Buying behaviours & patterns
    What products are people buying more and in what markets? How does your layout effect the user’s inclination to buy?


Having a voice of authority will help you succeed in all these areas. You will need to analyse and solidify your brands messaging to gain trust, consumer understanding and reliability.


Our creative brand development team can help you with this by discovering and defining your ‘authentic identity’, giving your brand substance and story, while providing clarity to your presence both physically and mentally to influence users purchasing decisions.


Making changes & seeking new opportunities

Change is uncomfortable, but in a volatile environment, you will need to look where you can alter your current strategy to adapt to the current crisis. Not just for the present, but for the foreseeable future.


Perhaps having a shorter supply chain, using more localised agencies and distributors will be a key change to make. Simply analysing your current tools and services and moving to cheaper alternatives that are just as good will help to keep your heads above water. Our clarity and integrated services will be able to assist keeping you afloat, and march forward once we hit dry land.


Monitor your competitors to see how they are handling the situation. If they aren’t handling well – why? Figure how you will not fall into the same trap. If they’re performing, see what you can take from their strategy – it’s not cheating, nor embarrassing, it’s smart.



What are we learning & what actions to take?

“Only creative and agile thinking, new products and approaches will see sectors through turbulences ahead” - Duncan Brock, group director at the CIPS.


  • Seek new products & opportunities

  • Analyse and take from the competition

  • Be more efficient, quicker and spontaneous

  • Think outside the box

  • Restructure your brand and messaging, provide clarity and applying a stronger voice of authority to your audiences

  • Become more digitally responsive through your websites and social channels

  • Understand your customers and markets on a deeper level

  • Gain trust and loyalty through brand development.


We will pull through this, together. Dupree International will help you through these times - we are experts, we are dynamic and we understand.


Let’s discuss how we can help YOU through this journey as every company is being affected differently and we offer bespoke solutions.


No matter where you are in the world, how big or small you are, or what your business requires, let’s talk:
+44 (0) 1780 757666








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