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5 Pillars of Influencer Marketing⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Influencers” was the buzz word of marketing in 2019 and still remains part of an effective marketing strategy today. Despite it being considered a mainstream marketing tactic, people still ask us ‘what is influencer marketing’?

So what is influencer marketing?

It is a hybrid of celebrity endorsement and product placement crossed with user-generated content-driven marketing campaigns. However, instead of the marketing campaign being brand controlled, the marketing campaign is the result of a collaboration between the brand and the influencer.

Many brands are keen to jump on the influencer band-wagon as it is a fantastic way to improve brand awareness, increase web traffic and drive your brand’s message to your target audience. However, influencer marketing is only truly effective when implemented and managed right.


We have had various client briefs in the past that have dictated that they only want a celebrity influencer or they have wanted to purposely attract nano influencers. Even though many people are beginning to look past defining an influencer based on their size it is still an obstacle for many to look past.

My advice is don’t get hung up on the number of followers an influencer has as this no way indicates a successful campaign.

For instance, for platforms like TikTok, the number of followers a user has doesn’t reflect the reach that the content has. Well-curated content has the tremendous opportunity of spreading virally, organically.

It is more important, WHO you will reach.

As a brand you are wanting to reach out and speak to a specific audience. This audience could be a large demographic or a niche targeted audience but regardless, you have a brief.

If this was traditional PR or advertising, you would be looking at specific titles that relate to that audience. e.g. if you are a cookery brand you would consider delicious magazine or if you were a rifle scope you would consider Rifle Shooter.

Hence, look at the audience size but also examine who is their audience made up of and ensure you are reaching out to the people you want to talk to.


At first glance, an influencer with a high level of engagement doesn’t necessarily mean that they would be effective for a brand partnership. Always remember that the word ‘partnership’ is key to remember when looking at the type of audience an influencer has.

Influencer marketing is a partnership between two brands, your brand and their brand and you need to ensure it is a good fit for both parties.

If you both don’t have a genuine brand alignment and there is no natural circumstance to why you would partner up, then don’t partner up.

Brand safety and integrity are issues for your brand as well as them and if you do not consider this then the influencer’s audience may react negatively or not react at all.

My advice is to not just look at an influencer’s organic posts and commercial posts but examine the commercial posts that are in sync with your brand. What is their engagement like, is this what you would expect?

This will help foresee to type of engagement you could expect from this audience.


Trust is a very important factor when a consumer comes to purchase and that trust takes time to build. It is unusual for a single post to gain you the level of trust you want. A single post or two will not just be costly but it will have the potential to appear inauthentic as the influencer posts once and then seems to not speak of your brand again.

Invest in a long term collaboration, build the trust between your brand, the influencer and the audience. Make your influencer an ambassador of your brand.

Ambassadors are observed as more authentic as it is a commitment between the influencer and your brand. With this committed relationship you will benefit from and hence gain more value from:

- Securing a good rate

- Stop competitors nestling in

- Receive better posts as they understand your brand more

- Gain their industry insight and knowledge


Content is King. But only if the brief is correct.

If you take the lazy approach and hand over all control to the influencer or the brief is too open ended then the content will be a surprise – good or bad surprise… you’re gambling!

If you take the militant approach and deliver a strict brief, then the audience will see straight through the content produced as it is highly likely it doesn’t represent the influencer’s aesthetic style.

This is a partnership so one shouldn’t have more control than the other. Provide a clear brief with clear expectations but let them put their own creative stamp on it.

If you have done your research and have found an influencer with the right audience and their tone of voice, creative styling and viewpoints align with yours then this shouldn’t be hard.


Return on investment.

Optimising your campaign.

Justifying the spend to your client and stakeholders.

Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign is more than just reach, followers, engagement and sentiment analysis. Its web traffic, add to cart rate, searchability, overall brand awareness and more.

Do the research, make a plan and the campaign will deliver itself.

The 5 Pillars






These 5 pillars will assist in ensuring you make the best choice possible when investing your time, budge and brand reputation on an influencer.

At Dupree International, we have a relationship with a wide scope of influencers across various industries who fit all different scales of budgets. Whether it be paid or product based, we will match you up with influencers who will in turn become your ambassadors and vouch for your brand’s values, products and services.

To discuss influencer marketing, social media marketing, PR and brand development please get in touch with our team.

Wendy Ford, PR & Social Media Manager:

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