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A recipe for a brand

As a brand development agency, we find that sometimes it can be difficult to understand how important brand development is and that it isn't just about fancy logos and colours. We find all too often that businesses will have a designer knock them up a logo in a few minutes and they think they have a "brand".

It is to note that brand building, strategy and development is complex and requires a team and not a sole individual.

To make things a little clearer, so that your average Joe can understand what exactly brand development is, I will provide the scope in the form of a recipe - everyone knows how to cook, right?

Ready, Steady... COOK!

The Brand Development Recipe

As with any food recipe, there are two parts we must include for this to work:

  1. The Ingredients

  2. The Method

Now, let's break down each part, starting with the ingredients. In this analogy, you can consider your brand development agency as a team of chefs at a Michelin star restaurant who will be cooking up the brand for you - the chefs know the best ingredients, formulations and methods for cooking.

Brand Ingredients

Brands aren't just made up of one ingredient, there are many ingredients involved that when combined make up a brand strategy.

Here are the main ingredients to make a brand:

  • Proposition

  • Tone-of-voice