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How Does Branding Increase Sales?

This is quite a frustrating topic for us brand builders and developers. We see it time and time again where a business isn't happy with their sales and their marketing efforts are not paying off, so what do they do? Throw more money into marketing that has shown not to work for them and hope for the best.

[queue eye roll].

If your sales aren't great and your marketing efforts are not paying off, that's a good indication to track back further and look at the source - YOUR BRAND. Although your brand may not always be the issue, it very likely could be.

Everything you do throughout your business, no matter what product or service you offer will involve your brand. Your brand is your communication tool, providing a gravity to your business to draw in your audience and attach themselves with what you do, creating loyalties and a sense of proudness to be apart of the business. Without this gravity, your business is just a pebble floating through space hoping one day you will collide with something.

Do some businesses get lucky? For sure, but you cannot solely rely on luck in business as the lucky ones are an ever so small percentage - the same way you can't rely on winning the lottery to live your life.

Using your brand to increase sales

"So Mason, how does my brand increase my sales?"

I'm glad you asked. It's all about how your audience connects with your brand and perception.

Let's dive into the fitness industry for an example and say our target audience are males who want to get bigger muscles and some of the core values of our business are power, excitement and determination.

Which of the protein powders below do you think our target audience will resonate more with and in turn, more likely to purchase?

Even with this very basic image (without much thought gone into it), you know what brand my audience will pick. That's because they relate more to it, it amplifies what they want to achieve and who they want to become. Even though the two bottles contain the same amount of protein per serving it has the perception that the protein powder is more for muscle growth than the other.

The bottle on the right also expresses the company's values of being exciting and power - if we keep the brand consistent with these values throughout our business, we will build up a customer base that's loyal and happy to promote the product in their lifestyle, who will also engage with new products or services.

This is just scratching the surface - imagine what wonders this can do for your sales if you really put some great effort into defining your brand.

It's a big leap to alter your brand, it is scary and a lot of work but it needs to be done in order to get it right and the payoff will be worth it!

To learn more about how we can develop your brand, get in touch with us for a chat:

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