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Grow to expect the best: An insight into RAGT

Europe’s number one cereal breeder launched a new product campaign during COVID-19. We discuss the thinking behind it, the success of it and how general business has had to adapt.

RAGT Seeds UK, Europe’s number one cereal breeder, offers a cutting edge approach to their research and development. From wheat, barley and oats to oilseed rape, they consistently delivering a strong range of diverse products is something they strive to do.

From launching a campaign during COVID-19 to having to adapt the day to day business and how social media plays an important role, they offer us a snapshot into who they are.

Have you had to adapt the way you do business during the current climate? If so, how?

Life has been very different for us during these months. We’ve had to adapt to the restraints of working from home but luckily we had the technology already in place to did this. The biggest hit to us is our customer events but once the easing of rules happened we managed to maintain the 2 metre rule and host one to one events for the entirety of the trade. This was exhausting for the team but extremely effective and being able to offer these custom and personalised events made a huge difference. That’s amidst all of the webinars and zoom meetings.

During lockdown, you launched a full marketing campaign for your winter wheat variety RGT Saki, what made you decide to launch this during the Coronavirus?

Due to the nature of our business, it didn’t really change our plans, the campaign went ahead with only a few tweaks. Thanks to having a creative agency that’s always ready to react, we didn’t have to worry. We work in a seasonal business and we only have a finite amount of time to promote the variety and no matter what the circumstances, we have to work with what we have. The campaign is proving very successful so far.

As a company you are led by innovation and development, how do you look to push boundaries?

We take inspiration from lots of different industries and projects, we look at every aspect of the project in hand to see what we can do differently while achieving company objectives and we always look to improve on what we have previously done. We work closely with all of our teams, from our research and development to commercial and marketing to ensure there is fluid messaging throughout our company.

How important are the roles of Social Media and PR to you when driving the company and the values?

Social media and PR play a very important role in our communications. Having well thought out and successful channels enables us to connect with a far larger and diverse audience. It also ensures we can disseminate information and react quickly to changes in the industry.

What things do you think about before launching a campaign to market?

There are always lots of things to think about when launching a campaign to market. We have to think carefully about messaging and how this fits into the current farming climate. Also how it fits with legislation change, extreme weather patterns and end-market requirements. We always remind ourselves of our brand values and messaging, ensuring we are consistent with our marketing to keep that voice of authority we have established throughout the years.

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