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How Important is a Strapline?

I've noticed many start-ups and businesses do not use a strapline for their brand, but I cannot stress how important it is for your brand to have a strapline - no matter what sector you fall in, whether you're B2C or B2B.

It may seem quite traditional and old fashioned to have a strapline, and it is - straplines have been used for centuries. This is probably why some businesses choose to disregard a strapline, however just because it's a traditional method of marketing, DOES NOT mean it doesn't work. There's a reason the most recognisable brands have straplines.

In this post we will take a look at what a strapline is, how to create a strapline, when you should change your strapline and ultimately how important it is for your brand to have a strapline, along with a little quiz to show you how recognisable brands are by their strapline.

What is a strapline?

A strapline, slogan or tagline as more commonly known in the US is a short sentence or phrase that sums up what your brand is all about, reflecting your company values and providing a differentiating identity and personality.

Usually straplines are short and catchy, often letting someone who has never heard of the brand know exactly what the brand is about just from a quick glance. Straplines define, direct and communicate the brand that extra step further, adding encouragement with something customers and consumers can relate to.

Straplines go hand in hand with your logo and more often than not are featured alongside your logo in adverts and creative material, in some cases straplines will become apart of the logo permanently.

How to Create a Strapline

Straplines take a lot of thought and you must get it right! If you already have a business, but no strapline - we suggest going through a full brand development process, so that your brand, core values, direction and communication is well understood and perfected, before you even think about choosing a strapline, because of how important a strapline is.

Brainstorming and mind maps. A mind map can assist you to create a great strapline. Write down your company values, features, product types, unique selling points and everything associated with what you do.

Play with words, clever and catchy straplines stick well. Words can have multiple meanings for example 'key' - a physical tool to open a door, a butto