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How To: Download LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for business, it doesn't take long to build up your connections, but there's currently no way to see all of your connections and their details in one place, without having to go through pages upon pages.

In this post we will take a look at how to download your LinkedIn contacts to CSV, so you can easily view them structured with names, emails, company, position and the date you connected with them.

Note: this data should only be used for your own viewing.

How to Download LinkedIn Contacts Steps

1. Click on your LinkedIn profile in the top right of the navigation bar. Your profile is listed under 'Me' showing your profile picture.

2. From the dropdown menu click settings & privacy under account.

3. Scroll down to the header 'How LinkedIn uses your data' and click 'Get a copy of your data'.

download your linkedin contacts

4. Click 'Connections' under the 'Want something particular?' check box.

5. Click request archive. You will be prompted to type in your LinkedIn password.

6. It can take a while for LinkedIn to create the CSV file, you will be notified by email when your download will be ready.

7. Once your download is ready, simply head back to the page above and you will see a 'Download archive' button that has replaced the 'Request archive' button. Click it and your download will start!

ready to download linkedin contacts

Other than your downloading your contacts, you can also download any articles, invitations, messages and other data, which you may find useful.

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Aug 28, 2021

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