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Let's embrace home working and keep smiling:-)

Home working is going to be a necessity over the next few months and already on day 3 we're starting to see the cracks appear amongst the Dupree International team - with some colleagues struggling to keep their beautifully sanitised hands out of the cookie jar and others on the brink of throwing their computers out of the window because programmes aren't syncing.

This is going to be a challenging time for everyone but as a country we need to keep the country running as well as we can.

These are just some of the coping mechanisms that we've identified at Dupree International. We'll keep you updated with any other great ideas that come our way

It's all about the gin

We're big believers in positivity so we're already looking forward to our new 'Gin Check-in Friday'. On Friday afternoon we're all going to be pouring a glass of our favourite tipple which we'll sup whilst enjoying an end of week update with the team.

Positivity emails

Throughout the day we're updating each other on anything positive that's going on, from great conservations to enlightening emails. We're also making sure that we regularly pick up the phone to each other even if it's just to ask the most mundane question or talking about the exciting things that we're having for lunch.

Keep the ideas coming

Times like this can be the making or breaking of businesses so we're encouraging everyone in the team to come up with new ideas - both for our clients and for Dupree International. Some of the wackiest ideas are getting air time but even the craziest ones have elements of creative genius that can be adapted:-)

Go for a walk

Even if you don't have a dog like the lovely Chilli, make sure that you get out of the house. We're encouraging the team to find a wide open space at lunchtimes to take in the fresh air, even if it's only for 15-20 minutes. It's so easy just to work through lunch, but during this time, it's imperative that you support your mental health.

The longer this crisis goes on for, we're sure that there'll be more learnings to add to our 'How to work from home' blog. These topics may include - how to get your kids to help with your work, how to barricade yourself away from your kids or how to stop snacking!

Watch this space - keep healthy and stay positive

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