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Don't let the Coronavirus crisis define your brand, let it be the start of your new story..

The Covid 19 Crisis is a scary time for consumers and businesses alike and it’s fair to say that no-one knows what the future holds, at least for the next 3 or 4 months.

In true British style, we are maintaining a stiff upper lip and are working hard to make sure that the Coronavirus crisis doesn’t define Dupree International in 2020 and we’ve been working with our strategic team to make sure that we support our industry colleagues in the same way.

"In times of crises such as this, the most successful businesses are those that have a progressive approach with an optimal combination of defence and offence."

Whilst we understand the need to rationalise outgoings, you should also be using this time to do your strategic thinking and the groundwork for your future strategy so that you come out of the chaos with a robust growth plan that can support the business and minimise the negative impact of the outbreak.

Very few businesses are an ‘island’ with the majority of you working with retailers, distributors and other supporting companies.

Now is the time for you to work closely with these partners by identifying opportunities to support your individual businesses and your sector.

Whether that’s through diversifying or just portraying positive, supportive messaging for your industry - make time for these conversations. This type of partnership equity will pay dividends when normal life is restored and will serve to keep your industry alive.

It’s also important to ensure that you’re still actively talking and listening to your audience through the likes of social media and PR, particularly as social isolation is predicted to see a huge growth in digital communication.

Trade and consumers are expected to be carrying out considered online research and will be identifying the strong, decisive brands that stick with them in a crisis.

During this period of uncertainty you also need to be working with your local and trade press to build positive content. Whether that’s new product launches or the details of impactful partnerships with distributors and retailers, we all need to be working together to present a positive narrative of this unprecedented situation.

We've revisited our own strategy and are working hard to support our clients with advice and ideas to ensure that the Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t turn into the long-term crisis that some are predicting.

If you need any support with your marketing activity or would just appreciate a video call with our strategic experts, then get in touch.

Stay positive and stay healthy

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