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Pinterest - the social media underdog

Pinterest is the visual bookmarking platform I often associate with mood boards, wedding planning, home hacks and discovery.

Established over 10 years ago, Pinterest is a well-established social media player but it’s often overlooked. However, could this be changing?

Did you know that Pinterest has more active monthly users than Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn?

As of the second quarter of 2020, Pinterest had 416 million monthly active users worldwide!

From an ecommerce point of view, the platform has traditionally attracted brands that want to appeal to younger women but as Pinterest reaches a larger audience, the demographic of Pinners is also opening up.

The user make-up of Pinterest is changing. It is now appealing to men, millennials and the older generations who are looking at Pinterest for inspiration for everything. From health, wellness and fitness to future planning such as DIY, house renovation and fatherhood, Pinterest users are actively researching not just ideas but also their purchases.

Advertising Opportunities

In 2018, Pinterest introduced Product Pins enabling brands to upload full catalogues of shoppable items and include pricing info, availability, product title, description and links that lead directly to the checkout page on the retailer’s site.

More recently, Pinterest rolled out Shop the Look ads, allowing advertisers to tag up

to 25 items in an image, and added a “Shop” tab to business profiles that enables people to shop items directly from their profile.

As well as being a key component in a visually engaging marketing strategy, the shopability of Pinterest is becoming increasingly powerful. With 78% of users saying content from brands is useful, including ads means brands from various industries have the ability to reach and target a wider audience on a platform that delivers high satisfaction and is not caught up in privacy issues like other platforms are.

So let’s get pinning.

Get in touch with our PR & Social Media Manager, Wendy Ford for further discussion on how we can weave Pinterest into your strategy via

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