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Q&A: Interview with Julie Dupree, Strategic Director

We catch up with our Strategic Director Julie Dupree on long-term marketing plans, challenges of the industry and exploring her favourite campaigns.

1. You are not just the owner, you are the Strategic Director of Dupree International, what are you tasked with?

How long is my list the priorities change daily!

2. How did your career in marketing start, what drew you to marketing?

The excitement of achieving is what drew me in. I really like being part of the growth of people and companies, that’s what makes me tick. When it all works, and all your hard work comes alive!

3. If you could give someone one piece of advice to wanting to get into a career in marketing what would it be?

Work hard, drill-down and keep focus on what you're trying to achieve. Don’t just do things because you can or it looks like a good idea, if it doesn't match your objectives then don’t do it!

4. You’ve worked with a vast array of brands and industries. What has been your stand out favourite campaign / brand development to work on and why?

The Nike brand always stands out for me. Years back, we were one of the first in the industry to do a gatefold front cover with a die-cut. The campaign was so well received, Nike used our ideas and developed these further with us across a range of sports. We also won best campaign in the industry!

5. What is the most interesting brand campaign you’ve seen in media from organisations and brands other than your own?

I really love the meerkat! The Compare the Meerkat is a fantastic advertising campaign.

6. Most successful project you’ve had in your career?