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Social Media Tips for Businesses

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Social media is a fantastic way for your brand or business to:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Showcase your products and services

  • Offer tailored and prompt customer service

  • Increase web traffic

  • Grow your audience – new and old

  • Make sales and generate leads

Here are some simple tips to implement:

You need a strategy.

It isn’t as scary as it sounds!

You are simply planning out what your objective is by using social media as a marketing tool and what are the goals you want to achieve.

By identifying this you can select the best social media platforms to utilise and with a clear journey in your mind, you are more likely to achieve the goals you set.

Where is your audience? Who are your audience?

Research your key demographic.

This will help tailor your content as well as show you which platforms are going to work for you. One of the biggest myths of social media is that you need to be on every platform and straight away, which is not true. It is better to pick the most appropriate platform and post consistently than picking the wrong platform and having too many to manage!

An optimised and effective website / landing page

Ensuring you have a fully up to date, fully working and optimised website for your followers to land on is important.

Your website is your shop window and it needs to not only mirror your social media presence but instil trust.

Speaking of shop windows, Facebook and Instagram have shop facilities so you can put individual products as well as collections on social media. You can tag the products in posts and it makes it really easy for consumers to shop via social media. It is also applicable for services as well as products.

Good content plan

80/20 is a great basis.

What you should post should be interesting or useful. Keep sales tactics to a minimum as constant sales pushing is a real turn off for your audience.

This doesn’t mean don’t talk about your product or service. Showcase your products and services with engaging video, imagery and insight. Content can also be an eclectic mixture of getting involved with awareness days and national holidays to market trends and applicable insight. The sky is the limit. You can also get creative with social media ad design, to provide engaging content in an ad format.


RT & Follow, Like & Comment and caption competitions are really good ways to increase followers, engagement and brand awareness.