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Stripped Back & Flat Trend in the Automotive Sector

Trends come and go and it's no different with brands - although you shouldn't base your branding solely on trends, sometimes you naturally fall into them and it's not always a bad thing depending on your business and what's happening in your industry.

Currently, we are seeing a huge wave in stripped-back, flat and simple identities.

The automotive industry is the latest edition to take on this trend. In this article, we look at the reasons why.

Understanding brand

Firstly we need to understand that a logo is just a very small part of branding. It is a visual aid to help show who you are and what you're all about, enhancing the emotional effect your brand is trying to have on your audience.

Through time your brand will inevitably change, thus your logo will have to follow.

Why flat and stripped back?

Simplicity has always been strong when it comes to design. It's a safe option, yet very appealing and timeless, so why is the automotive industry doing this now?

The automotive industry is changing rapidly in this current time. It's actually moving into a new era with electric cars, new technologies and a world that is more environmentally conscious.

With all of these new happenings, car brands will want to be at the forefront of the change so they are not left behind in the dust by competitors.

Old 3D logos were great when we developed the technology to make them, it was new back then and encouraged the feeling of having a nice, new shiny car. Now it's a different story as cars have become more than just a car, they're apart of your lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on these new identities, which one is your favourite?

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