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The Importance of Emotion in B2B Marketing

B2B marketing has always worked on the premise that decision making was based on a rationale where emotional decision-making was solely for the B2C market. However, research shows that this premise could be far from the truth when it comes to effective B2B marketing. It suggests that decision-makers could interact and engage on a deeper level when we take a more humanised and emotional approach to building a brand.

Emotion and reason are not two sides of a coin, they are two human traits that work in conjunction when it comes to making a decision, whether that is purchasing a new pair of trainers or deciding on the right agency to bring on board to propel your business forward.

We look at 5 effective techniques to incorporate emotion into your B2B marketing.

1. Sell the ‘How’

Stop focussing on why your product is the best thing since sliced bread, as a consumer or decision-maker they will be well aware of the key features or the services your company provides. Focus more on the solution, how is purchasing your product or service going to benefit them?

Demonstrate your product, show examples of solutions solved for previous clients. If the purchaser can visually see the product solving a problem they have there will be a stronger emotional connection and the perceived value will be much higher.

2. Be likeable as a Brand

This one is very simple, people are much more likely to work with or purchase from people and companies they like and have had a positive engagement with.

Ask yourself the question, in a situation where you haven’t had a positive engagement with someone trying to sell you something, did it have an impact on your decision-making process?

I think we can all pretty much say yes.

3. Create a sense of exclusivity

Everyone wants to feel important, whether that is at work, at home or in your social group. As human beings, we have a burning desire to be important, like we are part of a special group that is not necessarily for everyone.

Creating a sense of exclusivity can be an effective method to reach a more specific and targeted audience and sometimes a sense of urgency. You could use phrases like “We’re not for everyone” or “For the first 100 clients can join”.

4. Introduce fear and doubt

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are 3 of the strongest emotions to affect decision-making. They draw on our instinct to survive and are therefore extremely effective when it comes to B2B marketing.

This approach will not be for every brand, so consider whether inciting fear, uncertainty and doubt is relevant to your brand and if this will help achieve your goals.

5. Tell your Story

At our core, we are very emotional creatures and react to messaging that triggers emotions. Storytelling can be one of the most emotive forms of connecting with your target audience, after all, people identify with individuals, not corporations.

What to do next?

To connect emotionally with your target audience, you first need to fully understand them completely. If you’re looking to take your B2B marketing to a new level, we can help you build a profile of your target audience and explore what makes them tick, plan your campaign, implement and report on its success.

If you’re interested in having a meeting to understand how we can do this, then please get in touch with Mason Mallett via or call on 01780 757666.

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