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Top LinkedIn Tips for You

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

LinkedIn is a fantastic social media platform for professionals to connect, engage, network and keep in touch with trends and insights.

Here are some quick and useful ways to effectively raise your profile on LinkedIn.

1. Be Personal

People are far more likely to accept your request if you give a short explain how they know you or explain why they should connect with you. If one too many people respond to your invitation by clicking I Don’t Know This Person, your account will become restricted by LinkedIn. Send a welcome message or an email when someone connects with you.

2. Be Visible

A clear headshot where you face the camera is best as LinkedIn is a professional business network and your photograph should reflect that.

3. Be Regular

Posting content regularly on LinkedIn will help you look more professional and improve your credibility. Always ensure your post content is not only relevant but also interesting and useful for your followers and connections.

4. Be Complete

Keep your profile up to date and complete to keep your profile compelling and current, Include your former employers, school and include your achievements such as recognition, projects and awards.

5. Be Present

Turn on LinkedIn notifications and respond to connections as LinkedIn is a communication channel so ensure you respond within two business days as contacts reach out.

6. Be Engaged

Join groups that are of interest to you but feel free to bow out of ones that are not a good fit for you. Post in those groups and network. However, always be diligent to not be spammy and be respectful.

7. Be a Team

Support your company’s LinkedIn page by following and engaging with their content. Whether it is a like, a comment or sharing it on your profile, it is a way to help your company raise their profile as well as yours.

8. Be Available

Security is important but ensure your profile settings allow you to be visible to your network and to potential connections. Don’t hide.

Want some more help or advice?

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Oh thank you Wendy with your undeniable insight into social media

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