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Top Tools for your Working From Home Team

It's the year 2021 and we're still working from home, who would have thought it!

While your teams are working from home it's essential to communicate and keep that workflow effective.

In this article, we will take at some of the top tools to keep your team effective whilst working from home.

Communication Tools

We all know communication is key to a great team, but gone are the days where you could just shout across the office to get that all-important bit of information you needed. In an ever-growing digital world, there are plenty of communication tools for your team.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is not only a great communication tool for your team, but it will also be useful for digital client meetings. Microsoft Teams has chat, calling and video-calling capabilities to keep your team in touch with each other whenever they need it.

Being made by Microsoft, the communication tool works well with your other Microsoft products sync your Outlook calendar and collaborate on projects using Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


Slack is another effective communication tool for your employees working from home. Slack has multiple capabilities including; chat, video, and user-created "channels" to keep in touch with team members and clients. Slack also has app integration to keep your workflow streamlined. Slack has a more "fun" vibe than other software, which is a nice bonus when you're stuck behind 4 walls.