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The RAGT brand had been over taken by its individual product names such as Skyfall and Planet. Our job was to re-connect the RAGT brand to the product names so consumers understood that these amazing individual products were all part of one amazing brand.

The Background

A French owned company, RAGT develop a range of seed varieties including wheat, barley and oats to oil seed rape, maize and grasses. It's a highly competitive industry where RAGT and a host of fellow seed developers jostle to produce high yielding varieties for sale to seed merchants and farmers. Once a seed variety has become famous for producing a consistent high yield, it's almost reached superstar status. RAGT have at least 5-6 of these superstar varieties with more in the pipeline. The problem is merchants and farmers know the variety names, such as Skyfall, Planet or Windozz, but aren't linking the fact they are all produced by RAGT. 

The Solution

Time for some striking imagery that sums up the three facets of good yielding seed - Cutting-edge development, Consistent growing volumes and great end usage - ie, milling, malting, rape oil etc. Supported by a consistent copy line of 'At the root of the best...'. with a confident strapline 'Grow to expect the best'.

We delivered:

• Strategic business direction

• Brand development and positioning

• Integrated campaign strategy and implementation

• Strategic above and below the line creative

• Advertising creative

• Art direction and photography

• Responsive and adaptive website

• Social media and PR campaigns.