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Think of brand development as the DNA in your body. It's the structure that makes you, you.

We create that "DNA" structure for your brand to form an authentic and differentiating identity.


This 'authentic identity' creates a platform providing direction and clear and effective communication, allowing us to change your audience's perceptions and purchasing decisions to drive and maximise growth, getting you from where you currently are, to where you want to be.

What does our brand development process include?

Our process is broken down into three stages: Brand strategy, creative roll-out and marketing plan. Our process has been intensively tried and tested, becoming a solid formula to build the very best for your brand no matter what sector or market, B2C or B2B.


In our first stage, we cover strategy. This is where we will unstitch your brand, drawing everything there is to know about your business and then stitch you back up.

The strategy features exercises and healthy debates, including the following to form the architecture of your brand;

  • Where are we now and where do we want to be? Evaluating your current business, looking at goals, objectives.

  • SWOT Analysis. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats across your business model, brand and product ranges.

  • What do we want to be known for and why? - Defining your ‘Core Values’ Inclusive exercise to establish your ‘authentic identity’.

  • Examining your Market Place. 


  • Examining your product offerings. Designed to identify how relevant your specific products are in different market sectors, crossed with your competitor offerings.


  • Brand perceptions. An honest look at how your brand and product ranges are perceived, across both consumer and trade audiences.


  • Overview. Re-examine the structure, helping clarify how key aspects are marketed and to which relevant audiences


From the brand strategy, we will develop the brand model based on the new ‘authentic identity’. This will include how the ‘authentic identity’ is articulated through the look & feel that will deliver rational, simplified and clever messaging helping change trade and consumer perception and understanding.


This is where you really see your brand come to life. We will present your brand's "look & feel" in different applications and scenarios. The creative roll-out includes;

  • Understanding and articulation of the new ‘Core Values’.

  • Creation of the ‘authentic identity’ (a business and brand’s ‘true nature’ or ‘beliefs’ that helps ‘distinguish’ and ‘identify’ them).

  • Creation of the ‘tone of voice’ (how you talk to your audience enabling them to change their perception and behaviour).

  • Development of a ‘strapline’ to suit the market.

  • Visual execution (look and feel) of suggested tactics (adapted to suit your relevant markets) including:

    • On page and online advertising.

    • Print-based products.

    • Digital mail-outs and newsletters.

    • Sales tool-kit.

    • Point of sale.

    • Show and event stand concepts.

    • Website.

    • Social media.

    • PR.

    • Photographic and A/V direction.


We carry out extensive media planning and research across your targeted countries and audiences, enabling us to provide a bespoke top-line integrated marketing plan.

This plan can be for 1, 3 or 5+ years and includes (if relevant):

  • Social media activity.

  • PR activity.

  • Events and key exhibition activity.

  • Print advertising.

  • Digital advertising.

  • DM, newsletters, and trade correspondence.

  • Organisational requirements.


Working with leading brands all over the world, our process is second-to-none. Don't take our word for it, see what our clients are saying about us.

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