How to: Basics to Building a Brand on Instagram

how to build a brand on instagram

Instagram is a key social platform to express your brand visually, gain trust and recognition as well as differentiate your brand from the rest. In this guide we will take a look at how to build a brand on Instagram, sharing some useful tips and tricks.

Building your brand on Instagram isn't just about posting your products and sharing what you do, it goes beyond that. There needs to be meaning, substance and a story providing a feel that targets and captivates your audience.

So where to begin?

1. First step to building a brand on Instagram

Let's ignore 'social media' for a moment. The first step is to take a look at your brand outside of social media - understanding exactly what your brand stands for, what your mission statement is, what your goals are and define who your audience is.

When you look at your brand from the outside perspective, the feelings, mood and vibe your brand expresses are the ones you want the end user to feel.

Once you have done this, you will want to transition all of it onto Instagram. Every post you share will incorporate your brand's feel, story and mission statement in some way shape or form.

For example if you are a beauty brand that uses natural ingredients only, you can really emphasise and articulate this using Instagram.

2. Incorporate your brand when setting up your profile

When setting up your profile there are four ways you can incorporate your brand when setting up your profile:

  • Profile picture

  • Bio

  • Highlights

  • Feed style

Profile Picture

In your profile picture, you will want to use your logo, so that your audience recognises who you are. This makes it much easier for people to identify you when searching for you, especially when you are needing to set yourself apart from personal and other business profiles.


Your Instagram bio a short bit of text at the top of your profile, allowing you to encompass exactly who you are, what you do and what you're all about.

The way you write your bio can also influence the feel of your brand. Is it relaxed? Perhaps you're fun. Maybe you're serious and professional?

Either way, it's the time to make your first impression so make it count.

Tip: Use emoji to enforce messages and be more approachable and engaging. You will also want to look at adding a call-to-action in your bio, as your website url will be shown below your bio.


Instagram highlights are past Instagram stories you have shared on your profile, it is a type of public archive which you can divide up into sections / albums. Highlights allow for custom cover photos so use this to your advantage to implement your brand colours, theme and stylisation.

Your highlight reel will be shown above your feed and it is one of the first things the user will see, be sure to add covers to make you look more established and professional.

Feed/grid Layout

Having a stylised feed layout isn't essential, but it can look extremely appealing and may be able to help share your brand vibe that little bit further.

A feed or grid layout makes it so that your feed looks a little different to others, and has recently become popular.

This is an opportunity to get creative. Perhaps you will want a "tiled" look, whereby you post something alternative after every image post. This could be a quote, a colour block, your logo or something else.

You could make it so that your row of 3 images all interlink to look like one image.

Tip: Be sure to understand the order in which Instagram will post, see the mistake made by the pop group steps. You will also need to understand that Instagram will shuffle along your images, dropping posts down to the next row, so sometimes your feed will only look correct every third post - see example below from Redbull.

redbull brand on instagram