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Dupree International welcomes another new recruit, Matthew Kidd

2020 has been an undoubtedly rocky and unpredictable year for everyone. But here at Dupree International, we have stayed positive, adapted to the challenges and continued in our mantra of growth by welcoming a new addition to the ranks: Matt Kidd.

Further enhancing the skills and experience of our reputable team, Matt joins us as Media & Communications Manager. He has a wealth of experience in publishing and social media management being the former Editorial Manager of a leading country pursuits publication, Fieldsports Journal.

Finding out a little more about him, he comments: “For over five years I have greatly enjoyed developing my skills in the publishing industry, focusing on social media, journalism, photography and film for both digital and printed platforms. It was without question a varied position full of pinch-yourself opportunities, from dining at Chef’s Tables in Michelin-starred restaurants celebrating game to being transported across New Zealand in a private helicopter and building lifelong relationships at every stage in between."

“But despite all that there was something missing, and from the moment I entered the business’ premises in the unassuming village of Castle Bytham in South Lincolnshire, I knew Dupree International was the next stepping-stone for me and am proud to be given the opportunity to join such a close-knit team.”

Matt’s role here is one that is incredibly varied. Day-to-day he will be managing social media accounts for a number of brands adapting tone of voice to deliver authentic results, along with developing marketing strategies, generating PR coverage, photographing and recording professional-quality content and so much more.

“In just three weeks I have already had to adapt to working with such diametrically different clients, conduct photoshoots, record interviews and catch up with the incredibly fast-paced working environment here. It is an inherently exciting and creative environment which is immensely refreshing, and I can’t wait to start working with all of our clients, existing and new.”

Why Dupree International?

“There are a whole host of factors, but the fact that we work with businesses around the globe and deliver a service which is equal to or beyond that of a big city agency while based in rural Lincolnshire is most exciting – I love to travel and discover new cultures, so the prospect to continue this while refining my skillset has great appeal."

“I also really love the idea of working with brands to discover, define and develop a new identity having experienced this in my previous roles. I understand that change is scary and that change can be catastrophic; but with the right outlook and approach, change can also be incredibly exciting – my first couple of weeks here have been a testament to that. As I have witnessed already, we help embrace change, provide assurance on calculated risks and ultimately deliver positive results.”

What are your achievements/hobbies outside of work?