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An intelligent brand strategy process that removes irrational subjectivity

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

From the design of a logo to the messaging, font and colours used, it's difficult for many not to view the outputs of a brand strategy subjectively.

However, our unique 'Dupree Process' which was carefully crafted and perfected over a ten year period is built on a framework based around business, marketing and creative principles and modelling, with the specific goal to provide focus and clarity to the process of brand building and the application of branding.

The ‘Dupree Process’ exists to take the irrational subjectivity out of brand building.

"It's not about providing you with lots of ideas to choose from - it's about providing you with a clear, non-subjective 'Inclusive Journey' as to why your brand has been shaped like it has"

The ‘Dupree Process’ is built around an intelligent mechanism that leads to an ‘authentic identity’ through clear, rational strategy.

An approach specifically created to intelligently and strategically develop and build a brand with unanimously agreed hard fact, rather than, as usually is the case – subjectivity.

Unfortunately, subjectivity has entrenched itself into the worlds of marketing and creativity. This has led to an unchallenged culture where ideas and concepts are generated through whims rather than hard fact. Where ideas can ebb and flow depending on assumptive suggestions rather than solid principles.

It is these ‘solid principles’ that the ‘Dupree Process’ provides to help facilitate true creativity and conceptual direction, often lost or watered down in a sea of individual objectives and opinions for the brand.

Ultimately the ‘Dupree Process’ is a collaborative exercise between the client and Dupree International to help deliver the brands ‘Authentic Identity’.

A process that gets to the ‘true nature’ and ‘beliefs’ of the brand, enabling the audience to ‘distinguish’ and ‘identify’ with it and in so doing changing their perception/existing perception and understanding of the brand.

So, we would urge you to reach out to clients we have worked with and are working with to hear how taking ‘irrational subjectivity’ out of the process enabled them to define their ‘Authentic Identity’. Dupree International truly offers a different approach to the norm. As one client admitted, “Straying from the norm can be truly terrifying”. Yet the same client freely admits the ‘Inclusive Journey’ produced an Authentic Identity’ for them that their industry competitors feel genuinely threatened by.


The shape of the process is quite simple, collectively we need to understand – Where you are now and why. Where you want to be and how do you get there.

Each of these three questions has a set of steps to achieve inclusive and collective agreed answers.