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CASE STUDY: Farmers Weekly Campaign for RAGT Seeds

The agriculture market can be tough, sometimes slow-moving, but through our many years of experience in the agri-market, we are helping innovate and drive the industry through brand development and marketing, helping our client's businesses grow.

In this article, we review and break down our most recent creative campaign done for our client, RAGT Seeds – Europe's largest seed breeder, in collaboration with one of the most popular UK farming magazines, Farmers Weekly.

The Campaign

The campaign was two-fold. Firstly to promote a new Winter Wheat variety called RGT Wolverine, and secondly to highlight the fact RGT Wolverine is Europe's first BYDV resistant, high yielding winter wheat. The delivery of the campaign was also two-fold, broken down into awareness and perception.

Client's objectives:

  • Increase awareness of both the RAGT brand and RGT Wolverine to crop farmers

  • Increase general perception of both the RAGT brand and RGT Wolverine

  • Increase interest in the brand and product and influence purchasing decisions.

So, how can you promote something very specific to a niche audience, but gain huge interest, awareness, and indebtedness to a brand?


Creating striking imagery crossed with audience participation and delivered through popular sector vehicles such as a leading farming magazine and social media channels, tackled the increased awareness part of the brief.


Executing an industry-first with Farmers Weekly magazine was a great way to change perceptions. Apart from a cover wrap, scratch card and further involvement in the magazine, along with a Farmers Weekly Facebook competition, the magazine also bastardised their own masthead to include the RGT Wolverine claws.

This RAGT 'take over' over of a main agricultural magazine was the key to increasing general perception. i.e. we're a big brand in the agri-market and have the clout to achieve things like this – you should think again about RAGT.

Why a competition?

From a marketing point of view, this is quite an aggressive promotion. Whichever way you look at it we're forcefully and unashamedly ramming RGT Wolverine into the agri-audiences faces, whether they like it or not.

The competition utilises psychological leverage that successfully engages with the audience, provides data capture, drives consumers to the website, and continues highlighting the product with the prizes.

If you're going to bombard your audience with a full-on promotion, the least you can do is to offer them a nicety in return for their attention. This may seem like a small point in the overall scheme of things, but it is the psychology that is often overlooked or not understood, which makes or breaks a promotion.

The result?

A strikingly, different, industry-first campaign, reaching thousands of farmers both in-mag and online with increased awareness, perception and interest – all while making the audience happy to be part of the RAGT/Farmers Weekly experience.

The RAGT Brand.

See our testimonial from Simon Howell, MD of RAGT Seeds UK, about how we have improved their brand and how their competitors feel threatened by it:

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