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Top 5 Netflix Series to Watch, if you're involved in Marketing UK

Those passionate about all things marketing will love a good series or film that engages with the industry, from poorly executed campaigns that make us cringe, to the new digital world and social media and how it affects our wellbeing.

Due to this, we have selected 5 series on Netflix that you NEED to see if you are a marketeer, so without further ado - grab the popcorn.


Fyre is about the greatest festival that never happened - Frye Festival. It's what you get when you do some great social media campaigns with influencers and celebrities with cringe-worthy planning with an added seasoning of fraud, cover-ups, false promises, and WTF moments.

Fyre proves that marketing indeed does work. They convinced consumers to spend thousands on something they had no idea what it would be - that requires some powerful marketing.

The biggest lesson that every marketer should take away is that you don't sell a product or service - you sell a feeling. Consumers will buy almost anything if you can convince them it will make them feel how they want to feel.

The series sums up perfectly the notion of being responsible for supplying the demand you have created. Have integrity. Be true to your word. Don't sell anything you don't really believe in.

It is a MUST-SEE for any marketeer!

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris sees Emily, a Chicago-based Marketing Executive tasked with providing an American perspective to a Marketing firm in Paris. The series certainly divides opinion - but we love it!

Among all of Emily's on-screen dilemmas, the series also provides some important lessons for any marketer. The series sees Emily expressing the importance of using social media - from both personal and brand perspectives to generate awareness and attention.

Emily shows creative thinking and decisiveness in her ideas throughout the show. Taking inspiration for a whole campaign from an art gallery and never being reluctant to express her ideas (even if she lets her imagination take over).