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Marketing during the current climate is a bit like teenage dating!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Flashback to the school disco – after too much fizzy pop you took a restroom break and by the time you got back someone had cut in on the guy or girl that you’d been chatting to all night.

The moral of the story is ‘don’t let your competitors do the same’.

Cross your legs and keep flirting.

This started as a simple analogy but the more we’ve thought about it, there are so many other likenesses between how we should look at our marketing during the coronavirus crisis and the dramas that we experienced as hormone fuelled teenagers.

It didn’t happen to me as I was a good girl, but I remember lots of my friends at school being grounded by their parents.

Picture this – you’re grounded by your mum for the summer holidays without being able to see the love of your life. Your imagination runs wild – are they going to wait for you or is someone else going to step in and steal them from you whilst you’re away? – the classic ‘out of sight, out of mind’ scenario.

You do everything that you can to keep in touch. In my era that would have involved secret messages passed on by my little sister in exchange for drumstick lollies but to the next generation, this would have involved secret text messages and video calls from the phone that you had stashed under your pillow.

6 weeks is a long time and in a teenagers mind there will be a lot of competition vying for the attention of their dream partner. Out come the dumb bells and the Cher fitness video, with make-up and hair trials being used to perfect the new look. All of this effort so that they’re irresistible and can walk back into school with a confident strut that will blow the class glamour models and school jocks out of the water.

The key to the story is for you to use this time to make your brand the best that it can be and make sure that you cross your legs and keep flirting!

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